Why Dallas

Why not live in a great big house with a yard just 5 minutes from downtown? This is easy with all the money you keep in Texas with our low cost of living and no city/state taxes.

The Experts Agree that Dallas is the Place to Be:

New York Times says MOVE TO TEXAS!  Everyone is Moving to Texas, Here’s Why (November 23, 2021)  and  Texas is the Future of America (October 5, 2021)  NY Times says:

“If you’re looking for an affordable, economically vibrant city that
is less likely to be damaged by climate change than many
other American cities, our data shows why Texas is a new land
of plenty.”
“Texas is no longer just about big oil and cattle; we have one of
the most diversified economies in the country.”

“There are lots of places in America with jobs and lower

climate risks or jobs and racial diversity, but if you want all
three, Texas will take care of you best.” 

Texas Lawbook, September 20, 2021: The Texas legal market is so hot right now that law firms have discovered the economic theory known as supply and demand. Corporate lawyers are stretched and in danger of burnout. Law firm leaders want to hire more attorneys and are even offering huge signing bonuses. But there’s a problem: There just aren’t enough lawyers in Texas to do the job.

Texas Lawyer, June 18, 2021: Randy Block said he has placed a number of associates at firms in Texas who are coming from other states. “It’s not a hard sell to convince associates to move to Dallas, because of the strong economy, the fact the city isn’t prone to natural disasters and its enjoyable culture compared to some cities where they make their associates work very long hours.”

#4 Best Places to Live (Money, 2021)

#2 Best Places for Business and Careers (Forbes, 2019)

#5 U.S. City for economic vitality (Milken Institute, January 2019)

#1 Best City for Jobs (Forbes, 2018)

#1 Best Place to Live is North Texas for 2018 (Money Magazine)

#3 Most Diverse Large U.S. City (WalletHub, April 2019)

Texas claims the top spot in CNBC’s 2018 America’s Top States for Business rankings.  Texas is home to some of America’s most important public and private companies, including giants like AT&T, ExxonMobil and Dell.  1 in 7 jobs created in the United States in the past year was created in Texas.

The best place to do business in the United States is Texas…for each of the last four years in our annual poll of CEOs about business climates.” (Chief Executive Network, May 3, 2018)

What’s So Hot About Texas? For Law Firms, Apparently Everything. “Law firms have been setting up shop and expanding operations in Texas at a frenzied pace—the result of a strong Texas economy, the lure of the state’s high-profile energy sector, and the rainmaking opportunities that exist as the state adds to its long list of corporate headquarters.” (Texas Lawyer, March 12, 2018.)

Texas has the most favorable business climate: 7th consecutive #1 ranking by Dallas Business Journal (September 2017).

Forbes says: #1 for Investing in Housing in 2017.

#2 Moving Destination for 2017

Best City for Young Attorneys (January 2016): “Lower cost of living does not just mean you can save money as a young lawyer, it also means you can live closer to your office, the courthouses downtown, and all the great events Dallas has to offer including biking trails, concerts and restaurants.”

#1 for Wealth Building! by Money Magazine and Zillow (April 2015)

#1 in Buying Power (Dallas and Houston are at the top! New York City is #47) by NALP (April 2018)

No state or city taxes in Dallas!  New York is worse state for tax burden by Forbes (March 2016)

11 Reasons Why Everyone Wants to Move to Texas

#4 Best City for Young Professionals by Forbes (March 2016): NYC did not make the list!

#1 in Job Creation: Texas leads all states by Dallas Morning News (January 27, 2015)

#1 Most Affordable & Best Destination City is Dallas by The Washington Post (February 5, 2015)

Dallas is FAR more affordable than NYC, SF and DC by Yahoo Finance (August 28, 2015)

The New York Times article touting Dallas (May 13, 2014)

Another New York Times article touting Dallas (August 5, 2014)

Texas ranked as Best State for Business for 10th straight year (May 8, 2014)

Dallas/Fort Worth is the Healthiest Housing Market and no other city comes close (August 25, 2015)

Dallas’ Uptown area is the best for Young Professionals (April 2015)

#3 Fastest Growing City by Forbes (January 2015)

#2 Best Legal Job Market by National Jurist (February 2015)

NYC: the most expensive city in the U.S. by Kiplingers/Yahoo (May 2014)

NYC: the most UNHAPPY city in the U.S. by TIME magazine and Harvard researchers (July 2014)

U.S. Census Bureau shows that prosperity is rising in Texas: “This shows the effectiveness of the Texas model: job creation through lower taxes and a lighter regulatory burden.” (October 2014)

Dallas is #5 for Best Cities for Future Job Growth by Forbes (July 2014)

Dallas: #3 U.S. Tourist Destination by The Resonance Report (July 2014)

Dallas: #4 best city for the Booming Tech Industry (September 2014)

Dallas Suburb: #1 Best City to live in America (September 2014)

Above the Law says: “The National Association for Law Placement (NALP) has produced an extremely useful chart for people trying to figure out where to start their Biglaw careers. They’ve listed the cities that give you the most bang for your buck if you land a high paying Biglaw job. And boy, are New York City associates going to feel stupid.”

More from Above the Law: “How you like me now?” asked every associate in Texas, a state with two major cities in the top five spots (and no state income tax). It is now painfully obvious that it’s no longer financially viable to live in New York City, so it may be time to consider transferring to (or starting your career at) another office — your wallet will thank you.

The low cost of living: $185,000 in New York City = $420,000 in Dallas
Housing is inexpensive, and so are dining and entertainment.

#1 and #2 for Best Buy Cities: Where to Invest in Housing in 2014 (Fort Worth #1 and Dallas #2) by Forbes

Why large companies keep relocating to Dallas by D Magazine (May 2014)   “Universally, real estate sources say relocation demand is coming from three markets: California, Illinois, and the northeastern United States. The cost of doing business is much higher in these ‘heavily taxed, heavily regulated’ regions, brokers say. Qualify of life is becoming a bigger focus in relocation decisions, and Dallas has made great strides in those areas, with projects like Klyde Warren Park, DART’s expansion to DFW Airport, and the convention center hotel.”

#1 Happiest City in America! by Harris Poll (September 2013)

United States of Texas

Time Magazine, October 2013: The Lone Star State graces the cover of TIME and the magazine raves about Texas.In an article titled, ‘The United States of Texas: Why the Lone Star State is America’s Future,’ the author mentions jobs, low taxes, low cost of living and housing and the rise of the ‘New Cowboys’ as the many reasons why people and employers are flocking to our great state.

In an article titled, ‘The United States of Texas: Why the Lone Star State is America’s Future,’ the author mentions jobs, low taxes, low cost of living and housing and the rise of the ‘New Cowboys’ as the many reasons why people and employers are flocking to our great state.

“So why are more Americans moving to Texas than to any other state? Texas is America’s fastest-growing large state, with three of the top five fastest-growing cities in the country: Austin, Dallas and Houston.”  “Americans are seeking out a cheaper cost of living and a less regulated climate in which to do business; Texas has that in spades. And did we mention there’s no state income tax?” “The lower house prices, along with a generally low cost of living — helped along by cheap labor, cheap produce and cheap gas (currently about $3 a gallon) — really matter when it comes to quality of life.”  “In the past 12 months, Texas has added 274,700 new jobs — that’s 12% of all jobs added nationwide and 51,000 more than California added … In fact, from 2002 to 2011, with 8% of the U.S. population, Texas created nearly one-third of the country’s highest-paying jobs.”

Texas has no income tax. Per resident, it collects roughly $3,500 in taxes overall every year and New York collects a whopping $7,400 per resident.

Terrific Video about Dallas

#4 Best city for young people by CNBC (June 2014)

Dallas among Top 10 Markets for First-Time Home Buyers by Realtor.com (March 2014)

#4 Fastest Growing City by Forbes (February 2014)

#6 on Forbes list of U.S. Regions to Watch in 2014 (January 3, 2014) “As has been the case for most of the past five years, Texas cities are clearly the place to be in terms of job creation, wealth formation and overall growth.”

“Thanks to population growth, the shale/fracking boom, and strong real estate fundamentals, Dallas-Fort Worth and Texas continue to be islands of prosperity in the midst of a U.S. economy that’s lackluster—or worse.”   SMU Cox Economic Outlook Panel, quote from Al Niemi Jr., Dean of the university’s Cox School of Business (December 2013)

Dallas = Generosity and Tolerance (July 2014)

#2 Top City for Relocation by Yahoo Finance (January 2013)

#3 City on Top Moving Destinations List by Penske Truck Rental (January 2014)

#1 on Forbes’ Best Cities for Good Jobs (February 25, 2013)

#3 Strongest Local Economy in the U.S. (May 22, 2013)

#5 Best Cities for Young Attorneys by The National Jurist (October 2012)

#8 Best City for Business and Careers, by Forbes (June 27, 2012)

#7 Best Performing Cities for Jobs by Milken Institute study (December 2013)

#4 Coolest City to Live in, by Forbes (July 26, 2012)

#12 Hot Real Estate Markets (May 20, 2012)

#4 Best Cities for Families, by Kiplinger (July 2012)

Best Places to Buy a Home, 1 of only 8 cities listed (June 1, 2012)

Best Big City Neighborhoods by CNN Money (August 14, 2013): “During the day, the action is on the bike/walk trails circling White Rock Lake, and in the sprawling parks and gardens. Later, people head into town for shopping and dining, maybe capped with a movie at the Art Deco-style Lakewood Theater. One of the city’s older neighborhoods, Lakewood offers a mix of homes, including stately Tudors. While not cheap, real estate prices are reasonable enough to attract young professionals and families. Another plus: a very low crime rate.”

Our extremely strong economy never felt the recession like the rest of the U.S.  Dallas has one of the most diverse economies in the nation, with between 4 and 22 percent of the workforce in each of the major industrial sectors except mining.

Our large, affordable homes and excellent neighborhood schools are unmatched in the nation.

Sports: The Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars feature  world champions, MVPs, new stadiums, and the most competitive owners.

Easy traffic: 5-10 minutes to wherever you want to be, including a quick drive to and from work.

Good weather: most of the year, it is between 50-80 degrees.

The Arts District is the Largest in the Nation: The Arts District – located downtown – is the largest in the nation, featuring famed museums, performance halls and varied culture including the Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, Winspear Opera House, Meyerson Symphony Center, Crow Collection of Asian Art, AT&T Performing Arts Center, Wyly Theatre, One Arts Plaza and more.  21 Must-see Materpieces in DFW.

Enjoy the Outdoors:  Beautiful White Rock Lake is 10 minutes from downtown and ideal for biking, running, walking and sailing.

No state income tax and no state property tax.  Keep much more money in your pocket.

Single? No place is better than Dallas, with thousands of attractive young professionals living in Uptown (directly next to downtown).  Dozens of ways to easily meet people.

Married? Last year, we moved into a family-friendly neighborhood that is 7 minutes from downtown.  Mortgage rate is below 3.0%.  Exemplary school nearby.  Houses are selling at far less than market.

Education: The top public and private schools in the country

#1 Best High School in America, by U.S. News & World Report (2014)

#4 and #5 America’s Best High Schools, by Newsweek (2012)

The best private schools include:
St. Mark’s

Big Business is in Dallas 

The Metroplex has the headquarters for a whopping 18 Fortune 500 companies, including #2 ExxonMobil, AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Energy Future Holdings, Energy Transfer Equity, American Airlines, J.C. Penney, Tenet Healthcare, Dean Foods, Texas Instruments, and Dr. Pepper.  Most states don’t have 18 Fortune 500 companies located within their boundaries, but the Metroplex alone has 18.  DFW airport is centrally located so that a flight to any city in the U.S. is four hours or less.

Restaurants and Shopping rank at the very top

Dallas has the highest number of shopping centers per capita in the United States.  North Park Mall draws in more revenue per unit area than any other retail complex in the U.S. The Metroplex has more restaurants per capita than any other metropolitan area in the United States, including some of the highest ranked ones in the country.

Texas Bar Exam – Don’t Sweat It

Texas likes attorneys to pass the bar.  And there will be no rush to take the exam.  Every single one of my out-of-state candidates has passed on the first try, with a couple weeks of study.  Also, you can waive in 5 years after passing another state’s exam.

Amazing Place to Live – Relocation Specialists

Live 5 minutes from your office in a 1,200 sf luxury apartment for $1,300/month.  Or live 10 minutes away in a 3,500 sf house with a yard and pay less than you do now for an apartment.  Several of my close friends are realtors.  They will show you all the best options, ensuring that you get the best home at the best price.

Performance Legal Placement has established relationships with numerous firms throughout the Dallas Metroplex.  It is because of these relationships that we place the vast majority of candidates, often in a matter of weeks.  If you are looking for a new opportunity, please call Randy Block at (214) 497-5004 any time, day or night.