Recent Placements

Here are just a few of the positions where Performance Legal Placement recently placed the perfect candidate:

  • Beefed up national large firm’s Dallas office with 2 young litigation partners and 1 senior associate in 2018. My 3 candidates beat all other recruiters’ candidates!
  • White Collar group with tremendous portable business in 2018.  These attorneys had no interest in moving until I showed them how much comp and support they could get.
  • 3 Corporate Associates in one week to national law firm in Dallas in 2018.  Clean sweep over all the other recruiters!
  • Real Estate associate to major Texas firm for top comp in 2018.
  • Litigation Partner from large firm to boutique in 2018.
  • Large firm Litigation associate to high powered boutique in 2018.
  • Corporate Partner moved from mid-sized firm to large firm.  Move was completed in less than two weeks!
  • Partner with $1M+ portables still in his 30s.
  • Over a dozen litigators moved in 2014.
  • Multiple in-house placements for very high, above-market compensation, including $350,000 job for a non-partner.
  • Several Corporate associates moved from NYC to Dallas in 2014.
  • Over 180 candidates submitted themselves for this high paying in-house job that was advertised on-line.  Randy submitted only one candidate, who got the job over everyone else! 
  • Senior Real Estate associate from prominent East Coast firm to a large Texas firm.
  • Mid-level Litigation associate from the #1 ranked firm moved to Dallas to large Texas firm.
  • Mid-level Corporate associate from top NYC firm to a large Texas firm.
  • Senior Labor & Employment associate to a large national firm.
  • Mid-level litigation associate to a large national firm.
  • Young Partner with portables to a Dallas boutique firm.
  • Senior Real Estate Finance associate to very high paying in-house job.
  • Within 24 hours, Randy placed associates at the two largest Labor & Employment law firms in the country in 2013.
  • 40 year old with portables to boutique firm.
  • 4 in-house placements in 2013.
  • 10 boutique placements in 2013.
  • Ove 10 large law firm placements in 2013.
  • Labor & Employment Partner plus Associates and team members to a large firm – For almost a year, Randy had been speaking with a long-time friend about changing firms. Meanwhile, one of his top law firm clients requested that Randy find an L&E partner that fit his friend’s credentials. After making the introduction, Randy ensured a deal was struck quickly. From start to finish, the placement only took 30 days!
  • NYC Junior Corporate Associate to a large firm in Texas – Randy used his extensive New York connections to find a young Corporate associate with impeccable professional and academic credentials who also was the right personality fit.
  • 2009 Litigation Associate from a Large firm to a Commercial Litigation Boutique.  Opening was exclusive to Randy.
  • 2010 Litigation Associate from a Mid-size firm to a Commercial Litigation Boutique.  Opening was exclusive to Randy.
  • Mid-level Corporate Associate to a large firm.
  • NYC Junior Real Estate Associate to a large firm in Texas.

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