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STUDY: Texas was big winner in interstate migration; NY was last place

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Texas was one of the big winners in the interstate movement of people and their related income in the last decade, according to new data from the Tax Foundation.


When a person moves to a new state, his or her income is added to all other incomes in that state. That helps the new state’s total taxable income and hurts the overall income in the state that the person left.


Florida benefited the most from this migration, with newcomers bringing a net $67.3 billion of adjusted gross income from 2000 to 2010. Arizona was No. 2 ($17.7 billion) and Texas was No. 3 ($17.6 billion).

New York saw the biggest decline in personal income (-$45.6 billion) from 2000 to 2010 due to migration out of the state, followed by California (-$29.4 billion) and Illinois (-$20.4 billion).

RARE: Senior Litigation Associate needed

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My boutique client needs a senior litigation associate to handle an interesting docket of work, including depositions, hearings and trials.  I have placed every associate at this firm (there are several) and none have ever left (going back 7 years).  Why?  The great associate-friendly environment where compensation is very strong, and everyone gets along and works well together.  It is a casual atmosphere where you can do well financially.  As I said, all my placements have remained there over the past 7 years – which is just unheard of in any market.  Experience with class actions and/or product liability is a plus, but definitely not necessary.  Large law firm experience is also a plus. Personality and general litigation experience are what matter most. We are seeking someone with at least 5 years of litigation experience.


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Corporate Opening at Top Large Law Firm. INCREDIBLE SECURITIES WORK.

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This Corporate group has hired from me repeatedly.  I know the partners and what they like in a candidate.  This position will perform a combination of securities work and M&A along with some private equity and debt and equity offerings.  Quality securities work is extremely rare in Dallas, but this firm has plenty of it.  Also, you will be working for two of this firm’s top leaders who just happen to be in Dallas. This will be important when it is time to make partner.  The deals are very large and you will get more much more experience than you can other places.  We need someone who has 2-4 years of experiencepreferably with securities filings (but not mandatory); M&A agreements; cross-border corporate transactions; and formation of business entities.

UT Law is #1 in return on investment

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No law school ranks higher than UT Law when it comes to the ratio of starting salaries compared to tuition costs.